BULA Asian Championships Beach Ultimate 2009

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Philippines rules Asian Beach Ultimate and takes gold PDF Print E-mail

Australia made a valiant effort to try to upset the home teams, but the Philippines were just too strong in both divisions. Although the weather was perfect for the rest of the day, the Open finals ended in the almost complete darkness due to the late start of the games in the morning.


Some of the Australian indicated that they think that if they send their best team in 2011 to the World Championships Beach Ultimate (location to be determined) they will beat the Philippines. I am not so sure. However I also never saw the Australian top team. All I know is that the Boracay Dragons are fast and have amazing handeling skills. I am looking forward to their match up 2011... :-)


That is it for now from the beaches of Boracay. Tonight is Halloween and the party should be amazing! 

New Zealand takes bronze in the rain PDF Print E-mail
New Zealand's game against the Philippines was marked by a typical tropical rainstorm that was so strong it impared the vision of the players and sent the spectators to shelter. After the Philippines went up 6-0 the Kiwi's started to gel but the difference was too big and they lost 12 - 8. Because of their earlier defeat against the Australians, they ended up 3rd with Australia and the Philippines battling it out for first in an hour.
Philippines continue to rule. Wind might be a factor PDF Print E-mail
After a crazy night of partying where Pottsy was so drunk he had to carried home and Patrick was table dancing in his red SeXXXpensive thong, there were many hangovers this morning.
Nevertheless, the Philippines Open team is still clearly dominant in the Open division but in the Mixed division the Australian team lost on Universe point to the Philippines. This indicated that the team is tsrating to gel and tomorrows game is still very open.
A nearby typhone which is expected to hit Manila Saturday is increasing the wind substantially and might have an influence on the games tomorrow. If it gets too windy there is talk about moving the fields to a more protected part of the island. We'll see.
Now it is back to the party....
Philippines looking strong, Australia regroups PDF Print E-mail
After one day of playing the Philippines look very strong. In the Open division the "A team" beat Australia by 5 points (13-8) while in the Mixed division Australia was beaten by 6 points (14-8). Unforced errors, perhaps due to the intense heat, were the main cause but the Philipino offense is also very strong and quick making sure that any error on the Aussie side gets punished.
Australia is sure to regroup and make a stronger showing tomorrow. Only the last day will count in the final standings so anything can happen. However Pottsy and his team mates can not afford to take anything lightly.
New Zealand's team still needs to gel and lost both games in the Mixed division. Led by Martin Wilson from the NZ beach ultimate group and reinforced byTushar from Canada as well as Patrick, BULA's President, anything is possible. Don't count them out yet.
Opening ceremony succesful PDF Print E-mail
Today's opening ceremony went off without a hitch. After BULA's President (Patrick van der Valk) gave his welcome
speech all teams went marching to the music of a local march band to line up along the shoreline.
After the national anthems were played, fireworks signified the opening of the tournament.
The free drinks afterwards were much appreciated :-)
Tonight party at Summer Place and tomorrow the games are starting...
Pre Championships parties in full swing PDF Print E-mail
Last Sunday the first players arrived and the parties started. Boracay island is just an amazing place. Great bars, scenery, and lots of activities for all players: Scuba diving, the Zorba ball (people are put in a large ball and rolled down a hill), Kit surfing, etc...The Boracay Dragons are great hosts and all the players are in a great mood and are looking forward to 3 days of competition and 6 nights of partying.
It is unfortunate that Beach Ultimate is not yet a priority for many Asian countries. In the end only Australia, the Philippines and an international pickup team playing under the New Zealand flag made the trip. A delegation from Goa is also present. However no one seems to mind the reduced number of countries present and the general consensus is that all the other countries are just missing out on this great opportunity to play in paradise.
Tomorrow the first games will start. Two days of competition to compete for a later first game on Saturday. Saturday is the final day and the results of that day will determine the champions in the Open and Mixed division.