BULA Asian Championships Beach Ultimate 2009

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What are the eligibility rules? PDF Print E-mail
For a player to be registered to represent a national team, it is necessary that he/she have complied with the national team eligibility requirements as set out below:
Citizens - Players are deemed to be Citizens and can automatically qualify for participation if:
  1. They own a passport or equivalent legal document issued by the country's government; or
  2. If they have moved to the country at least four years prior to the start date of the event and spent more than 75% of those four years in the country.
Resident Non-Citizen - Each team can put 3 players on their roster that are deemed to be "Resident non-citizens". These players:
  1. own a legal certificate of permanent residency issued by the country's government; or
  2. moved to the country at least 20 months prior to the start date of the event and spent more than 75% of those 20 months in the country.
Ultimate Community Member - Each team can field one player that is deemed to be an "Ultimate Community Member". This choice is at the discretion of the National Association if they are considered to be a significant part of that Country’s Ultimate community, but don’t fall under the above categories. The following may be taken into account by the National Association in making
this decision:
  1. Residency history in that Country
  2. Participation in that Country’s ultimate events, especially national championships
  3. Past representation on National Teams
  4. Participation in the development of ultimate in the Country
The reasoning will be provided along with registration information.
For more information, check out the Team and Player Manual
I have another question. Who do I contact? PDF Print E-mail
Please use our contact form on the left
What are the uniform rules? PDF Print E-mail
All players in a team shall wear shirts and shorts that match in color and design in each game. Teams shall have available a light colored and separate dark colored set of team shirts. The shirts shall be numbered with Arabic integral numerals in the range 0-99, with unique numbers for each player of the team. The numbers should be sewn or printed on the backs of shirts and should be a minimum of 20 centimeters high and 5 centimeters wide. They should be located so that they are completely visible and have a sufficient difference in color to the shirt material to allow easy reading. Individual players must use the same shirt numbers throughout the tournament. No numbers are required on the shorts.
For more information on sponsorship guidelines, check out the Team and Players Manual
Where is Currier Island? PDF Print E-mail
Currier Island is a country in the making. Brainchild of Ivan Cestero for 2004 BULA World Championship in Portugal, it has become the pickup team for players that don't have a country to play with. They will represents 'Currier Island'. Currier Island can never make it to the semi-finals, but they will bring excitement and fun to the Championship :-) For more information, check out their website at www.currierisland.com
How many games will we play? PDF Print E-mail
Each team will play 3-4 games (5-on-5 Beach Ultimate) per day.
I want to play, what do I do? PDF Print E-mail
Fill out fill out this form and will put you in contact with other players from your country that want to play too.
What are the costs? PDF Print E-mail
If you are fast, you can get the early bird special (payment before 1 August 2009) which means you only pay a team fee of $90 USD and players pay $70 USD. Players will receive (1) disc, (1) tournament jersey, (2) dinners, (3) lunches, (4) parties plus other freebies.
Normal payment (due by 15 September 2009) is $120 for the team and $90 per player
For more information and information about accommodations, go to the "Fees and Accommodation" page